Finding Homes for Old Rain Barrels & Composters

Posted on September 1, 2015

Every year, we get calls from past customers looking to get rid of an old barrel or composter that's in good useable condition but is no longer needed due to a move, a change in landscaping, or the implementation of a new rain water harvesting or composting system. We also get calls from community groups and gardens looking for a rain barrel or composter. Our EcoStore staff do their best to connect the dots and so far this year we have re-homed 9 composters and 6 barrels!

We are still on the lookout for a couple more barrels this fall for schools and community groups on our list. If you would like to donate a rain barrel, please get in touch with our EcoStore staff or Help Desk or call 403.230.1443 ext 222. 

If you have a slightly leaky barrel or have a tap issue, we may be able to help you get it repaired. It's almost the end of the season but we'd suggest you store it for the winter (to avoid further damage) and bring it to one of our spring rain barrel sales next year to see if it can be repaired onsite. However, if you have a rain barrel that's super cracked and beyond repair and need to know where you can take it to be recycled, contact Great Western Containers.

Thanks to the generosity of our past customers in donating their old barrels, here are some of the groups we've been able to help this year...

I work in a permanent supportive housing program for people who are recovering from trauma, exiting homelessness and have mobility issues. A big part of this work has to do with helping people establish and engage with a feeling of home and community. One of our most successful group projects is our Community Garden, our residents with staff built and planted it together. Our donated rain barrel from Green Calgary is an excellent tool for helping us to sustainably water the garden! Thank you so much for this contribution to our Community! - Lacey, Newbridge Accessible Housing

Thank you Green Calgary, for helping our Garden find new homes for our black compost bins. Since we changed to a different kind of bin composting, it was good to be able to give others the opportunity to compost and make rich soil out of garden waste and kitchen scraps. It's a pleasure to stay connected with you. - Monica, Lakeview Community Garden"

I am so grateful to Green Calgary for finding a new home for my rain barrels. Not only am I thrilled that they can be put to good use, but am also happy that it solved my problem of how to dispose of them. I am very impressed with the dedication Green Calgary showed to make this exchange happen. They didn’t just connect me with someone who could use them, but followed up several times to make sure everything happened as planned. Thank You! - Birgit, Green Calgary Member & Rain Barrel Donor