Become a Founding Donor to the Little Green Library, a message from Conor Tapp

Posted on April 5, 2017

When was the last time that Calgary’s incredible natural beauty took your breath away?

For me, it was just a couple of weeks ago. I was riding my bike in West Nose Creek Park. I had come up on the pathway from the south, and as I rounded the corner on my left, just before the hill, the sun was hitting the ravine. I had to pause. It was spectacular. I unclipped my shoes and just stood there for a moment. I pulled my sunglasses off and sipped my water while I admired the stunning scene that I have just a few very short kilometers from my house.

It’s hard to find the words to describe how privileged I feel to live in this city. And I am so fortunate to be able to spend my days with the team and supporters at Green Calgary.

You are part of a community that includes members, customers, funders, staff, board members, and donors who have enabled Green Calgary to do good work. Over the last 39 years, as a member of the Green Calgary Community, you have made a lot of incredible things happen.

Tens of millions of litres of rainwater have been harvested, providing a natural drink for our plants and yards while reducing the pressure on our municipal water system. You made that happen.

Thousands of tons of food and yard waste has been turned into compost for your yards, turning waste into useful products and reducing the amount of landfill waste. You made that happen.

Tens of thousands of students benefitted from environmental education – active learning that inspires lifelong learning. Exciting, engaging, fun learning. The kind of learning that sticks, and helps to drive social change and progress. You made that happen.

Thousands of Calgary households set Green Goals, and Green Calgary was able to meet them where they were on their green journey. For nearly 40 years, Calgarians have been able to rely on Green Calgary for help, support and answers. You made that possible.

And hundreds of businesses took steps to decrease their impact. They learned their waste baselines, set goals, and wrote plans. They made their events green. They analyzed the data, and were at the forefront of a big movement in our amazing city. They were successful. And they grew the green movement. You inspired that.

And because of your commitment, we are seeing changes in our city, our province, and our country.

To respond to Dr. Seuss - someone cared an awful lot.

Today, I am asking you to care a lot again.

It’s exciting to see our conversation expanding – to see people really engaging with what Green Calgary believes in and advocates for - sustainability, education and the Green Goals that every person and business in our city can achieve.

Green Calgary believes in making logical, knowledge-based decisions about our environment and our impact on our earth. We believe that every Calgarian has the power to make a real difference for our local environment if they have access to accurate resources.

We want you to have a resource you can turn to – a trustworthy source for information about topics that are relevant to our city. We want to build a safe space where all of our neighbours can come and learn about how they can reduce their impact and live a greener life.

Green Calgary is already your Green Hub – thousands of Calgarians each year come into the ecoStore, call, and email with questions.

And that’s why this April we are opening the Little Green Library at the Green Calgary Association ecoStore. Stocked with titles that cover a broad range of topics, this resource will have something for everyone.

And it will be offered free to all Green Calgary Association members.

I need your help today. As a small grassroots charity, Green Calgary Association relies on generous support from funders, members and donors to continue offering our programs. It’s only with the financial support of so many great supporters – including you – that we have been able to offer the programs that we have over the last 39 years.

Please, become a Founding Donor to the Little Green Library.

From April through August 2017, everyone who gives to the Little Green Library will be recognized as a founding donor. I would love the opportunity to personally thank you for supporting this exciting addition to our city. Please give.

Please visit our donation page here, and in the space to share a message with the charity, type “Little Green Library.” Please also share your story of the last time our city took your breath away in this space.

I love our Calgary. And I am proud to be a Founding Donor to your Little Green Library. Please join me.


Be well,

Conor Tapp

Executive Director

Green Calgary Association


(PS - if you aren’t a member or haven’t renewed your Green Calgary Association membership yet this year, please make sure you do so today)