Be A Green Tourist In #YYC (Part 1)

Posted on August 10, 2015

With all the great weather that summer brings (minus the occasional hail!), it's time to think about taking some time for yourself and your family. Usually the plan includes rest and relaxation away and abroad but we've put together some awesome ways you can stay close to home, save some money on the getting there and enjoying the where you are right now! Here are our tips for being a green tourist in #YYC:

1. Camp out in your backyard: sleep under the stars with a campfire (check fire regulations in your area) but with the convenience of the bathroom, showers, and kitchen close by!

2. Check out the local food scene: if you're a foodie, you don't need to go elsewhere to enjoy amazing culinary delights! There are some great local restaurants specializing in all kinds of cuisine; using local produce; and supporting our farmers and our economy. How to find them? We have members like Ox & Angela Tapas Bar & Restaurant, Una Pizza, and REAP has a great listing of local restaurants, too! Or look for ones that are Green Leaf certified.

3. Get to know Calgary's Parks: We're blessed with some of the most amazing parks in the country. Check out this interactive Calgary Parks map to find the best places to hike, bike, fish and more! Did you know you can go horseback riding and kayaking right in #YYC!? Go bird watching at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre or drop in to the Wetland Bug Safari at Ralph Klein Park.

4. Enjoying the water: Not a vacation unless you're out by the water? Check out Sikome Lake, Sandy Beach, Prince’s Island Park, St-patricks-Island, or Bowness Park.

5. Walking Tours: Did you know Calgary offers great walking tours? Check out a part of the city you may not know very well or learn about Calgary's past by checking Heritage Park or Fort Calgary.

6. Enjoy (Almost Free) Outdoor Fests & Events: There are so many free and/or affordable summer fests and events every year. Music in the Park, Shakespeare by the Bow, International Reggae Fest and much much more...can be found on the Calgary Culture site.

7. Host your own BBQ/Party/Game Night: Got a great deck? Why not invite friends over for a laid back BBQ? Make it a potluck so you don't have to prepare everything and use re-usable plates, glasses and cutlery so you're not producing a whole bunch of waste. Or host a game night or outdoor party at a local park. Keep it casual (ie don't overthink the planning) and just invite your friends/family to have a good time! And sleep in the next day :)

There’s just so much to do in this wonderful city of ours we couldn’t fit everything into 1 blog. Stay tuned for Part 2 of "Be a Green Tourist in #YYC) coming next week!