5 Ways to Green Your Nutrition

Posted on March 4, 2017

Are you looking to eat healthier, but being greener while doing it? We are, too! While trying to be greener with your food is a great goal, many of us are looking to watch our nutrition at the same time. March is Nutrition Month, so it’s the perfect time to think about what you eat and where it comes from.

1. Cook at Home. This is a bigger advantage than you might think: it’s healthier, it’s greener, and it’s more cost effective! Not only that, but your food scraps can be used to make compost! Need a place to find green and sustainable food products? Our friends at Community Natural Foods can help!

2. Try Meatless. This is also a healthier choice for you and for your planet than you might originally think! Need recipe ideas? Check our Meatless Monday ideas on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter.

3. Grow Your Food. You know what ensures that only good stuff gets into your food? If you grow it yourself! Select seeds that are heirloom and non-GMO, makes some compost (or buy it from us – we carry Hop Compost as well as worm castings), and get planting! Don’t forget to get yourself a rain barrel and start collecting water for your plants!

4. Buy Local. If you can’t grow it, try to buy as local as possible. Not only is it good for business and the earth, but many local goods will be ripe or fresh, requiring fewer preservatives. Many local items will also have less packaging! Check out the listings from the REAP Business Association to find local food.

5. Drink Water. We all know that we should do it and its good for us, but water is a healthy choice for the planet, too. Just don’t forget to carry your own water bottle! This is way better than drinking sugary beverages, too, right?

We know your health is important to you, and the health of the planet is, too! Like these ideas or have more of your own? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook! Also, don't forget that our annual community Rain Barrel & Composter Sales are back. Let us know if you love conserving water!