5 Tips to Get the Most (Green) out of Stampede!

Posted on July 8, 2017

Stampede is here! It’s a time of year where many of us will be eating outside and at events. Whether you’re on the grounds, or out and about elsewhere in Calgary, here are some tips for being green during Stampede:

1. Pack your essentials: Make sure if you’re going to be outside to have sunscreen and insect repellent. Natural insect repellents are available from Community Natural Foods and our own ecoStore. We also have after sun body sprays to keep your skin healthy even after long days in the sun!

2. Bring food: Some Stampede food is nice to try, but eating a whole Stampede meal is going to be expensive and not necessarily all that healthy. Think ahead and bring some healthy snacks, especially in reusable food containers, limiting your food and money waste!

3. Drink lots: Outside in the heat, you need to hydrate frequently. Your best bet is to have water on hand with you. Bring a water bottle and look for refilling stations in coffee shops and on the Stampede grounds.

4. Hold onto waste: There are still parts of the Stampeded grounds and downtown where you won’t find a recycle bin, and outdoor compost bins are almost unheard of. Have a place in your bag or backpack where you can keep some of the waste you generate until you find a proper receptacle or until you get home.

5. Alternate transportation: You’ll save money and the environment – as well as avoid awful parking – if you just look to take your bike to Stampede, use a car share program, or take transit. Calgary Transit also provides some discounted rates and some increased service during Stampede! You can find out more here.

Are you looking forward to Stampede? Have other green ideas to make the week run more smoothly for any of your fellow Calgarians? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!