100in1Day Canada

100in1Day Canada is part of a growing global movement that is changing how people interact with their cities.

Imagine hundreds of people united together, each taking one small action to improve their city, all on the same day. That is what 100in1Day is all about.

Calgary will be part of the movement for the first time powered by Green Calgary and Future Cities Canada in partnership with Evergreen.

Join us on June 2nd to learn about vermicomposting, make pollinator friendly seed bombs, and more!

Where: containR at 1020 2nd Ave NW just off the Sunnyside CTrain station.

When: June 2nd, 10:00—12:00

Green Calgary’s 100in1Day project aims to lead a network of urban interventions that are focused on environmental sustainability. Check out the other urban interventions happening across our city!

The Amazing Trash Race
Join Trash Racers across the city to pick up as much litter as possible! The top trash racers win a special prize! Find out more!

Reduce Your Waste!
Join the Strawless Saturday Challenge! Participate online and show just how much individual action can change the world! More info here!

Eco-Growth Biofuel Facility Tour
As part of 100in1DayCanada, you are invited to tour the facilities of Eco-Growth Environmental Inc. For more information and to register, click here...

Build-a-Bag with BBYYC
As part of 100in1Day, Boomerang Bags YYC will be holding one of their bag making opportunities at Green Calgary's offices. Find out more or register here!

Art in the Park
This is a chance for all ages to come together, be creative, and learn about sustainability out in nature! Make creative nature art and share what you learn! Find out more here!


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