Why I Donate to Green Calgary

Charitable giving is a deeply personal choice and we are immensely grateful to our donors - you already know that environmental action is a shared responsibility; and it's the everyday actions we take that will ultimately make the difference. 

Your gift is no small thing. No matter the size, it contributes to the larger impact when we all work together. 

So we thank you. You make it possible for all Calgarians, regardless of income level to have access to our programs and learn to take effective environmental action in their homes, communities, workplaces and schools. The more people we can engage and teach to be more environmentally aware, the greater the impact to the planet.


Other Ways to Give

1. Bring your cell phones for recycling at our EcoStore (#100 - 301, 14th St NW Calgary).  We receive credit for all the phones we're able to sort & recycle!

2. If you're selling or buying a home, consider using Agents of Change.  They will match you with an agent that meets your needs and that agent will donate a part of their commission to Green Calgary!

3. If you're getting rid of an old vehicle, RV, boat, or motorcycle, consider using Donate a Car Canada.  They will pick up your vehicle, make sure it's recycled and/or auctioned off, send you a tax receipt for the value of your gift and donate the proceeds to Green Calgary!

"I give because I love the work Green Calgary does. I've been involved with the organization for many years and have attended workshops, been a volunteer, been a member and believe in the work and the programs."

-- Sara

"I give because I had a chance to see the Green Kids program at my son's school. My son and his classmates were excited by what they learned and what they could do. I hope my gift will allow other children to have the same opportunity."

-- Ian