Day 4 of Enviro Week: What You Can't See

Posted on June 8, 2016

Wondering what your next challenge is for Environment Week? Well today is Clean Air Day, created to bring awareness to air pollution that can cause smog, acid rain, climate change and other negative impacts to our health and that of our planet. So today we’re challenging you to think about the air around may not be able to see it but you wouldn't be able to live without it.

You can reduce outdoor pollution by walking, biking, carpooling or taking transit. And be sure not to burn waste, particularly plastics, foils and paper.

For clean air indoors use environmentally-friendly household cleaners to avoid toxic fumes and beware of air fresheners.

You can become more aware of your local air quality by checking the Air Quality Health index (AQHI). And learn more about the science behind air monitoring from Environment Canada.