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Our Composting Products & Accessories

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Available for purchase at our EcoStore located at #308, 301 - 14th St NW Calgary, AB. For composting questions, please email or call us at 403.230.1443 ext. 222. Thank you!

Kitchen Catcher $15+GST

Regular $25+GST

This portable collector (9.1 L capacity) is perfect for collecting scraps for your outdoor composter & comes with 1 charcoal filter to absorb odours. Made in Canada with a min. of 35% recycled material. Pack of 3 filters $10.

Worms Eat My Garbage Book $17+GST

Regular $22+GST

The definitive resource for vermicomposters - from beginner to intermediate. It's the guide we refer to over & over again.

Natural Catch® FruitFly Traps $10+GST

Regular $17.50+GST

Control fruit flies in your vermicomposting bin with a safe, non-toxic design.  2 traps /box, effective for 30 days or more. Made in Canada.

Starter Bokashi Kit (Basic) $25+GST

No image. Contains all you need to begin to ferment/compost all those kitchen scraps including meat and dairy. Includes 5 gallon container, plastic flexi lid, peat moss, 800g bokashi mix and instructions.

Wingdigger Aerating Tool $15+GST

Regular $25+GST

A specially designed tool to reach the bottom of your compost pile. In Calgary, you want to avoid turning or mixing your pile but aerating is ideal. Made in Canada.

Red Wiggler Worms 1/2 lb $57.50+GST

These worms are proven producers of nutrient rich compost. Since this is a live special order product, orders must be in advance & prepaid before arranging pick up. For availability, email

Vermicomposting Bins $25+GST

No image. These 40 L sturdy bins come with a lid & are ssembled in-house. Worms extra.

Bokashi Kit w/ Gamma Lid $50+GST

No image. This sealing lid offers a system that is child-resistant & airtight for moisture-resistant storage of your bokashi mix. Includes everything in your starter kit with a Gamma lid instead of the flexi lid.

Bokashi Mix 800g bag $14.00+GST

Used with your Bokashi kit or buy as a compost accelerator, this 800g of bokashi mix is made locally & includes all those microbes needed for successful fermenting/composting.

Exchange Policy: As Green Calgary is a local grassroots charity, all proceeds from our EcoStore & community sales support our local environmental programs & initiatives. As a result, we do not offer refunds. However, we will happily exchange a defective product, with a valid receipt, for a limited time after purchase.

If you're not sure about the product you are considering purchasing, please take your time in making your decision. We support conscious consumerism and never want you to feel pressured to buy a product you may not use or want. Thank you for your support and understanding.