Green Streets

This is a larger school initiative that offers students an opportunity to attend an “Eco Fair” right in their very own gymnasium!  This modified program stays true to Green Kids’ reputation for providing hands-on and experiential learning, despite its ability to reach a large number of students.  The program starts with a brief assembly and overview on the importance of waste reduction & water conservation, followed by six hands-on stations facilitated by Green Calgary volunteers & staff.  Students rotate through the stations, allowing them to experience several programs in one!

This fair can also be pared down to a single division or grade. We recommend 1.5 hours per presentation although both the timing and content are flexible. Total cost for the presentation is based on the number of students.

If you are interested in your school participating in this initiative, or to get a quote on the cost, please contact the Green Kids Coordinator at or 403.230.1443 ext. 228. 

Testimonial from teacher at Monsignor Doyle School

“Students loved the interactive, hands-on, colorful displays.  The real world environmental problems were explained in kid-friendly language.  Monsignor Doyle would highly recommend Green Calgary as a guest speaker in any school.  They brought an engaging, organized and enjoyable “fair” to our students.  It was very well received.  Thank you for educating us on the need to be “green”!”

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