EcoAction Kits

These kits provide teachers an opportunity to extend the classroom learning either before or after a Green Kids program.  The kits can also be used as a stand-alone teaching resource. Each self-contained learning extension kit provide educators with activities that foster problem solving and collaboration, lesson plans, and visual aids.

Water Eco Action Kit 

This kit contains five water-focused activities, several visual aids and books.  Students will learn how we use water in our community, explore the concept of common water, consider water as a resource and will even be able to go on an incredible journey as a water molecule.

The Water Eco Action Kit can be booked for pre-learning or an extension of the following Green Kids programs: Water for Life or It’s Rain Harvest Time programs.  The kit would also serve classrooms well as a stand alone kit.

Waste Eco Action Kit

This kit contains 7 waste-focused activities, multiple visual aids and a book.  Students will explore the impacts of waste disposal in our community, identify ways to improve their own practices at school and home, participate in a Recycle Relay and even sort through their own classroom or school garbage!

The Waste Eco Action Kit can be booked as pre-learning or as an extension of the following Green Kids programs:  Worms Love Leftovers, Waste in Our World, Garden Towers.

With the option of both one week ($25) and three week ($45) rentals, teachers have the option of sharing the kit between classrooms.

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