Community Waste Exploration

At Green Calgary, we are currently working in collaboration with the City of Calgary on a funded project called Community Waste Explorations. Through this program, we actively work with community members to educate on waste diversion practices, provide resources and help implicate behavioural change.

Green Calgary is still offering educational presentations for the Community Waste Exploration program, through 3 different options:

  • A single in-person or webinar presentation (1.5 hours) on waste diversion education and tips to use in your home, as well as providing tools and guides to help you manage and track your behavior change for improved waste diversion at home.
  • Multiple shorter webinar presentations (45 mins - 1 hr) and virtual meetings to educate and discuss waste diversion in the home to be planned over a longer period of time (tailored to the group inquiring). Tips and tasks will be assigned to report back for the next session to track and monitor behaviour towards waste reduction, recycling and composting in the home.

These programs are targeted towards community groups or clubs. ESL presentations are available, please inquire to Mafe for more information. These programs are completely funded and offered at no cost.