Community Waste Exploration

At Green Calgary, we are currently working in collaboration with the City of Calgary on a funded project called Community Waste Explorations. Through this program, we actively work with community members to educate on waste diversion practices, provide resources and help implicate behavioural change.

The program consists of two Community Waste Exploration Events, which are to be held at a central community hub. These Community Waste Exploration Events act to engage community members in waste diversion education through interactive activities, informational tools and resources and guidance from knowledgeable educators. These informational booth styled events are to be hosted with ~3-4 months separating them. In-between the events, we are hoping to connect through meetings with community groups to further educate and discuss waste diversion behaviours within daily life and in the home. Each meeting would be a presentation designed to educate participants on proper waste, recycling and composting practices within Calgary to address knowledge barriers and promote waste diversion behaviours specific to complications within their communities. Presentations are to be modified based on length of presentations and frequency of meeting which will be based on the needs of the focus group. We encourage participants of the focus group to partake in the Community Waste Explorations Events, but it is not an obligation.

If you’re interested in pursuing this program within your community or have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to Breanna!

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