High School Waste Audits

NB. Program on hold due to COVID-19

At Green Calgary, we are currently working in collaboration with the City of Calgary on a funded project called Children and Youth: Tactile Learning Through Waste Audits. Through this program, we work with junior and senior high schools in Calgary to provide information on waste diversion to help them understand their waste stream, give them tips and activities to reduce waste and provide leadership opportunities for youth. A Green Calgary consultant will teach your students how to do a waste audit to identify any materials that are placed in the incorrect stream (garbage, compost, recycling) or any other confusion. Then from this baseline, we hope to create some sustainability goals and ultimately an action plan, whereby they educate and inform other students about waste diversion in their school communities. To track progression, the students will perform another waste audit 6-12 weeks after the visit from the Green Calgary consultant. This program is targeted for grades 7 to 12 but also great for environmental clubs, see the PDF for curriculum links for further information.

If you have further questions or would like to integrate this program in your school, please reach out to Breanna!

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