#YYC Active Transportion Facts

Posted on August 12, 2016

Summer is the easiest time to get around via transit or active transport! Active transportation is any human-powered transportation – walking, cycling, using a wheelchair, in-line skating or skateboarding. #YYC has some great opportunities to travel actively around the city particularly when the weather is warm. Did you know...

The Calgary CTrain was the first wind-powered public transit system in North America and reduced CO2 emissions by over 56,000 tonnes each year?

A three-car CTrain can carry over 600 passengers (which is equal to 545 vehicle trips!) and the transit system transports over 110 million people a year?

There are 155 Bus Routes in Calgary and Calgary Transit provides jobs for over 3,300 people!

Calgary has nearly 800 km of pathways and another 290 km of on-street bikeways and cycle tracks?

There are counters along many of the bike paths. On average, the peace bridge sees 4390 people go through each week, and 221, 643 bikes have gone through the 12th Ave West of 2 St SW portion of the cycle track since it was installed.

The most walkable communities in Calgary are Bridgeland, Mission, Oakridge, McKenzie Town and Nolan Hill.

There’s an app for that! Did you know there’s a free Pathways and Bikeways app? It has real-time information on pathway closures, detours, safety info, and more. 

Consider getting "active" this summer and enjoy all the active transportation options our great city has to offer!