Wishes for 2020

Posted on January 24, 2020

At the end of 2019, Green Calgary was talking with some of our frequent partners and friends in the sustainability community, and we got to talking about our wishes for 2020: what our sustainability goals were individually, and what we hoped for in general. We wanted to take this moment to share some of our wishes for 2020, and some of those that we've gathered from the community. We hope that this might inspire you for the year and help showcase some other voices in the sustainability community!

First, Green Calgary's sustainability wish for the year is for more Calgarians to engage with the sustainability community - there are many great organizations and events throughout the year in Calgary, and we hope that Calgarians show their passion for the environment, our city, and the planet.

Next, we have some responses from a couple of members of the community.

From a few of our friends at Plastic-Free YYC:

"We have some big zero waste goals this year for Calgary but ultimately our wish is to see more and more Calgarians embrace a lower waste lifestyle. What I would love is for people to understand the ripple effect of every small action and choice they make and that they have immense power to influence change."

~ Briana Loughlin, Co-Founder, Plastic-Free YYC

"Sustainable living takes the courage and dedication to break free from the mold. My 2020 sustainable wish would be that people stand up against the status quo, ask more questions and be fearless in doing things differently in order to create change for the better." 

~ April Pyne, Business Development Manager, Plastic-Free YYC and local IG influencer @rocky.mountain.rising

You can find out everything that Plastic-Free YYC is up to on their website, as well as @plasticfreeyyc on Twitter and Instagram.

From Joe Vipond (@jvipondmd on Twitter): 

You can find more of what Joe is working on at The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and at the Calgary Climate Hub.

We'd love to hear what your sustainability wishes are for 2020 and what you're hoping to accomplish this year in terms of environmental actions. You can let us know on our social media accounts TwitterFacebook, and Instagram!