We're Recruiting for our Fundraising Committee!

Posted on June 21, 2018



Green Calgary Association is an award winning charity that has been serving our city since 1978. We exist to help Calgarians better understand their impact on the environment and on climate, and then take action on the things that matter the most to them. We interface with 50,000 Calgarians each year through literacy programs, and operate a small social enterprise where we sell environmental solutions like rain barrels, composters, reusable straws and bags, and more.

Recognizing that we have an opportunity to engage Calgarians differently and more effectively, we have set a goal of diversifying our revenue streams and building relationships with more community members. We will do this by continuing to work with the public to ensure that our programming is always the very best; and also by taking the time to tell our story to Calgarians, and by inviting Calgarians to make meaningful contributions to our work.

Our Fundraising Committee, new for 2018, adds value to Green Calgary Association’s fund development program by supporting and contributing to operational and strategic projects. This group will contribute to and participate in exciting fundraising campaigns, pair prospects with programs, and help to grow our network in the city.

We are seeking applicants to join this committee.

Our ideal member is an engaged Calgarian who spends most of their time in the city. You have an understanding of our business community, and know the key players in your industry. You might have a background in leadership or business development, or maybe you’re just an outgoing person who can tell a great story. And you have time to volunteer – this group meets quarterly, and each member will take on operational projects to support the growth of Calgary’s leading environment and climate literacy programs.

To express your interest in joining, please send your CV along with a letter describing your connection to Green Calgary’s mission to conor@greencalgary.org

We're also recruiting for our Programming Committee.