Trusting Your Recycler (And How to Find One, Too)

Posted on June 1, 2016

Did you know that Green Calgary has two Recycler Directories? You may be familiar with our Recycler Directory, where businesses and multi-family buildings can go to find a list of various recyclers (or haulers) that provide regular collection services in The City of Calgary. Well this year, we’ve added a Specialty Recycler Directory that lists recyclers for residents and businesses for other items that may not be covered by the blue box, such as, mattresses, organics (food waste), electronics, paint, tires and 27 other materials.
In addition to our recycler directories, we operate an independent voluntary hauler verification program for our regular directory. Green Calgary does site tours and reviews a hauler's paperwork (including scale tickets) to ensure  that verified haulers are responsibly recycling the products they pick up. Recently, a news story about a condo owner suspecting a local hauler of mixing what was supposed to be composted with their garbage was reported. The voluntary verification program gives you peace of mind that the extra efforts (and cost!) you’ve taken to recycle are resulting in materials being diverted from the landfill and are taken to an appropriate recycling processor. And the program is free for haulers - it does require some paperwork and reporting but no fees are associated with participating in the program.
If you are a recycler and would like to have your business listed on either directory or to participate in our verification program, please contact Alex.