Summer Eco Living Tips

Posted on June 25, 2016

Now that it's summer, it's time to make the most of it. Want to green it up without a lot of effort? We have some ideas for you - including some you can incorporate this upcoming Canada Day:

1. Summer means longer open the curtain/blings and turn off the lights.  You can reduce your energy consumption while enjoying the sunshine.

2. Bring the outdoors in. Indoor plants including herb gardens no only make our homes more pleasing and cosy, they help clean our indoor air and act as mini air purifiers. How awesome is that?

3. Buy some local produce. Tis the season to enjoy the bounty of our local farmers. Try out your neighbourhood farmers market or check out local food stores like Community Natural Foods and Sunnyside Natural Market for some great local produce.

4. With great weather comes a great opportunity to walk or cycle to run your local errands and leave the car at home. Save on fuel, get some exercise and enjoy the few beautiful days of summer we actually get in #yyc!

5. Summers were made for BBQ's and outdoor parties. But who wants all that work? Why not ask friends & family to bring a dish in a re-usable container. It means less clean up for you, the host, and usually you'll replace all those processed foods with home-made yummi-ness without all the work (because, really, who wants to be stuck in a hot kitchen on a summer day?) Check out our Canada Day blog for other tips, too!

6. Hang your clothes out to dry. Not only will your clothes last longer, you'll save a significant amount of energy. Don't like the way your clothes feel when dried outdoors? Throw them into the dryer for 3-5 minutes to soften them up - you'll still be saving lots and your clothes will smell like sunshine!

7. Love camping? Learn to "leave no trace" with these basics. Or better yet, set up a camp in the backyard with the kids.  It saves the hassles of all that planning and buying "stuff" but you can still enjoy the great outdoors for a family-friendly, eco friendly activity for the weekend (and no having to deal with weekend summer traffic!)

8. Don't forget the sunscreen. Make sure whatever you're slathering on your skin, is non-toxic. Rocky Mountain Soap has some great options.

9. Plant a garden. It doesn't have to be big or produce a lot of food. It can be something simple - a small tree or shrub and a few perennials. Native plants and grasses that are drought tolerant are best as they require little work but will be beautiful all summer long. Throw in a few herbs or a few carrots or potatoes that you can harvest in the fall.  Blue Grass Nursery & Garden Centre has some great options and can help you select the right plants.

Got some summer eco living tips to share? Tweet us or send us a facebook post so we can share with others....Happy Summer YYC!