Rain Barrel FAQs

Posted on May 23, 2021

Have questions about rain barrels? We are here to help! We have compiled a list of most commonly asked questions here that might be able to help you:


How much water can my rain barrel save?

On average, a single rain barrel can capture over 900 gallons of water EVERY YEAR! With the average water usage going up by 40% every summer, a rain barrel can help you harvest rainwater and keep your garden hydrated.


Is it true that rain barrel will flood my property?

No, installing a rain barrel will not damage your property. In fact, it can help mitigate localized flooding if used properly! Make sure your rain barrel is set up correctly and away from any basement windows. You can check out our video HERE for more information.


What is your rain barrel made of?

Our barrels are made from upcycled plastic. Repurposed locally from food condiment barrels, our high-grade plastic rain barrels are very durable and can last over 15 years if maintained properly. Some of our board members have had their barrels for over 20 years! 


How much is your rain barrel?

Our rain barrel is usually sold for $85 in off-season. You can take advantage of our early bird pricing NOW and get yours for $75 (until June 15th).


How can you sell your rain barrels for such a low price?

Our barrels are proudly supported by the City of Calgary. To help Calgarians save water at home, the City of Calgary subsidizes our barrels. All the proceeds from rain barrel sales will go directly to support our environment education programs.


I want to pre-order my rain barrel, but I can’t make it to any of the pick-up dates. What can I do?

We have delivery options available for those who can’t pick up their rain barrel.


Can I buy a rain barrel at the site?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we will not be offering in-person sales this year. You can pre-order your barrel and choose a pick-up location after you place your order – or choose delivery!


I picked the delivery option for my rain barrel. When can I expect my rain barrel to arrive?

It will take up to three weeks for your rain barrel to arrive at your door. If you haven’t received your barrel, feel free to email us at products@greencalgary.org. Thank you for being patient with us!


I cannot make it to my designated pick-up location anymore, can I change my location or pick it up somewhere else?

Yes, please email us at products@greencalgary.org and we will happily assist you with your order!


Will the rain barrel fit in my car?

We would highly recommend that you bring a truck or SUV with you to the pick-up site. However, we can also fit the barrel into the backseat of most sedans.


I need a rain barrel stand. When will you sell them again?

Our rain barrel stands are handmade by our volunteers with recycled wood. Please be patient with us as we are working hard to make new stock! We will make an announcement on our social media once we are ready! If you wish to be put on a waiting list for a rain barrel stand, please email products@greencalgary.org.


What colours do the rain barrels come in?

Our barrels come in blue and white. There are only slight differences between the colours, such as white barrels showing how much water is in them better, and blue barrels growing less algae.


I want to paint over my barrel. What paint can I use?

You can paint your barrels with all-weather outdoor plastic paint, such as paint for deck furniture. The common brands are rust-oleum and krylon, and you can get them at any home improvement stores! Lightly sand the outside of the barrel before painting for the best effect.


I am not sure how to install my rain barrel. What should I do?

We have a series of instruction videos HERE. As usual, you can also give us a call or email and we will be more than happy to assist you!


I want to learn more about rain barrel and water conservation. Are there any classes I can sign up?

We are offering our Summer Sustainability Series, an education program focuses on rain barrel and boarder water conservation education at home. Sign up HERE