The Power of Working Collectively

Posted on February 4, 2015

We know that protecting and preserving our environment is not the work of a single organization, person or even government. It requires that we all work together. 

We, at Green Calgary, are always looking for those opportunities to work collectively and we're delighted to be working with local organizations such as the Calgary Humane Society, Two Wheel View, REAP - all of us are doing good work, on our own and collectively. Of course, whenever we seek to collaborate, we need champions to understand how collaborations work, how we can leverage each other’s expertise and why they’re necessary to support. Thankfully, we've found some of those champions in Bentall Kennedy, a company that consistently demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, and The City of Calgary Waste & Recycling Services.

There are many other partnerships we’ve developed and are developing in our community because we know that collaboration is a powerful tool to effect positive environmental change.  We have gained so much from working with our community partners and we strongly encourage all of you to seek collaborative opportunities or to consider working with us!

We hope that our collaborations will serve as inspiration and that it will foster the adoption of new attitudes towards collaboration in the environmental non-profit sector!