How Easy It Is to be Green

Posted on May 9, 2018

These days it’s easier than ever to be green! With more widespread appeal, green movements across the globe are going mainstream, and that means it’s easier for you to be green yourself! Here’s 15 ways it’s easy to be green!

Learn Some Skills

Skill-building and homesteading-skills are something you can pick up once and keep reaping the benefits over and over!

1. Learn to garden your own veggies

2. Learn to make great compost: You can join us for a beer and talk all about this at Craft & Compost

3. Learn to make bread

4. Learn to make your own soaps and cleaners: You can self-teach yourself this, like with our recipe book

5. Learn how to repair something you have

Seek Knowledge

Fundamental to being green is being in the know. This takes several different forms, but if you become really interested in at least one thing, you can start passing your knowledge on to others.

6. Read books & watch documentaries: We have a bunch in our Little Green Library at the EcoStore

7. Hit up internet blogs & news sites

8. Go to talks, seminars, and conferences: We’ll be at the Solar Canada Conference this June if you want to visit us!

9. Follow prominent people in the field on social media

10. Have conversations with friends and family

Get Involved

Getting out in the community and becoming involved, or doing something good for the planet, will start making a difference right away, and it could be as easy as changing where you shop!

11. Bike to work

12. Join an organization: Green Calgary is one of many green organizations in Calgary that has memberships

13. Become a citizen scientist: Visit eBird to help catalog birds or BumbleBeeWatch to submit bee sightings and get started

14. Participate in green events: There are tons of green events in Calgary, so go out and support them. The CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale is this weekend, for example, and it’s a great way to reuse and recycle books!

15. Shop local

There you have it! Those are 15 ways you can be more green that are easy to do! Try picking up just one, and when you're really comfortable with it, then you can pick up another! Soon enough, you'll be a total green expert! Want to discuss any of these, or find more tips? Follow us online on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!