How Do We Make a Green Difference Day-to-Day?

Posted on September 16, 2017

Green Calgary frequently makes mention of different ways to make a green difference in our day-to-day lives, the most important of which is to make a green goal and work to complete it. But one of the oldest ideas in the environmental community remains one of the best. The Three Rs are still a useful way of thinking about how to lower your impact. But the three Rs have changed form over the years, with new terms taking over the old. So, what are the new terms, and what are some ways to employ them?

First, Reduce and Reuse. These are both part of what we now call conscious consumerism. It means buying less and buying high quality, reusable products. Moving away from single use items makes a big difference, as does repairing what you own. With that idea in mind, Green Calgary is starting up the Waste It Not workshops, where we teach you the skills to repair what you own or make something new out of it. You can find out more about the first workshop HERE and you can sign up HERE.

Next, Reuse and Recycle. These are now also both part of the Zero Waste movement. Many cities are looking to up their environmental game by diverting their waste from the landfill to recycling and composting. New York City has recently made a goal to have 90% waste diversion by 2030, which will likely prompt other big cities to follow suit!