Happy Canada Day! Let's Keep Canada Green!

Posted on June 30, 2018

Here we are with another Canada Day long weekend. Happy Canada Day everybody! This is always a time of year that we like to take a moment and reflect on what it will take to keep Canada’s natural environments safe and urban environments green. Whether you’re a visitor to Canada, a citizen, or in the process of becoming a citizen, we all have a social responsibility to respect and care for the environments in which we reside.
We call this social responsibility stewardship, meaning that we are the stewards, or caretakers, of the environment. For us in Calgary, that means taking care of our urban environment, and ensuring that living here is sustainable and, even, regenerative for that environment.
So, take this Canada Day to reflect on how you take care of your environment each and every day. We all have things that we do well in being stewards, and things that we could work on. We call that last category Green Goals, and we’d love to hear what you decide to tackle as your Green Goal. We’re also here to help! Between our online resources, our library, and our help desk staff, we’ll help you figure out the answers to your environmental questions. Connect with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram, and tell us your #greengoals for #canadaday!
Stewardship extends beyond the individual level, and we wanted to take a moment to mention the people who helped us make this year’s Energy Revolution Fair such a huge success!

In addition to our own activities, our exhibitors for the day were ENMAXwith Inside EducationSAIT’s Solar RollerEnergy for AllSponsor EnergyArushaOpen StreetsRelay EducationGasonic Group, and EDP Renewables Canada. A big thank you to all of them! We also had great support for the event through our funders: Environment and Climate Change CanadaAlberta Emerald FoundationSAIT Green Buildings Technologies, and EDP Renewables Canada. Furthermore, thanks to all the staff, volunteers, families, and friends who gave their time, energy, and love to this event. You all helped us make this the most successful Fair yet!

You can see some pictures from the event on our Facebook gallery! Have a great Canada Day everyone!