Happy Blue Water Day #YYC!

Posted on June 2, 2016

Blue Water Day celebrates the Royal Bank of Canada's Blue Water Project, a program dedicated to protecting one of the world's most precious natural resources: fresh water.

RBC has pledged $44 million to support organizations working to protect water in towns and cities. They’re focusing on two major themes: watershed protection and access to clean drinking water. Nearly 2.5 million kiloliters of water have been conserved through programs funded by RBC!

Blue Water Day focuses on fresh water, because less than 2% of all the water on our planet is the drinkable kind and the more we pollute it, waste it, and abuse it, the more likely we put ourselves and our planet at risk.

Did you know that a person needs about 50 L of clean safe water for drinking, cooking and washing every day? And we Calgarians use an average of over 230 L per person? Here’s what you can do keep our drinking water fresh and abundant:

1. Rid your home of toxic cleaning products safely & don't pour it down drains! The City of Calgary has household Hazardous Waste Drop-off locations where you can safely dispose of products such as automotive fluids, garden chemicals, cleaning products, paints, solvents and other home reno products.

2. Replace your toxic cleaning products and personal care products with greener alternatives (like those made by Nature Clean!) or make your own.

3. Go pesticide & fertilizer free: Weeds are not dangerous, but pesticides are! Think about using nutrient rich compost which will help prevent weeds from starting in the first place and provide a strong foundation for a happy and healthy garden.

4. Install a meter: You can call The City of Calgary’s 3-1-1 number and request to have a water meter installed. Most people see savings on their water bill when they can keep track of their use.  

5. Reduce in the home: To use less water inside put some soapy water in the sink to wash dishes (instead of running the tap), use full loads in dishwasher and laundry machines, turn off tap when brushing or shaving, and limit shower time.

6. Reduce in the yard: To save water outside water your lawn 1 inch weekly in the morning before it can evaporate (use an upside down Frisbee to measure), keep grass 3 inches long to stay hardy and grass-cycle by leaving clippings on the lawn for nutrients.

7. Sign up to be a Green Tea host and not only receive lots of non toxic green cleaning products to try in your home, learn how to choose products that are safer for you and your family, and reduce water use.

Check out our green guides for more helpful tips on reducing water use and pollution. Thank you for taking positive environmental action to keep our water safe for all!