Got tire(d) of Winter? Recycle them!

Posted on October 21, 2020

With the 20cm of snow this week, many of us are switching out our old all-season tires for winter tires to ensure road safety and prevent your vehicles from skidding off on icy roads. While average tires have five years lifespan and an absolute replacement timeline of ten years, it is inevitable that many Calgarians will throw away tires at some point in our lifetime. Not sure what to do with your old tires? Take them to one of the three City of Calgary landfill sites for FREE recycling.

Life After Re(Tire)ment

Recycled tires are processed into crumbs and remade into new products such as shingles, playground tiles, sidewalks, and more! Have more questions about recycling tips and tricks? Check out the City of Calgary What Goes Where for more information!