Go Green at the Calgary Stampede

Posted on July 11, 2019

Ya-Hoo! Stampede is just around the corner and we want to remind you of some tips on how to enjoy the festivities in a sustainable way. The Stampede has come far in its efforts to try to make the event as green as possible and are continuingly trying to improve this. As they are doing their part, it’s important that we as attendees try to do our parts as well! Read up on our ideas from last year here.


These include using environmentally safe and mineral-based sunscreens, which is important not only for human health but for ocean health as well. Also included in the blog is using reusable or compostable dinnerware for your at home stampede parties, as well as bringing your own water bottle to the grounds and filling it up at the refillable water stations.


Another way the stampede aims to help reduce carbon emission is by introducing discounted transit prices during Stampede week. Taking transit is a great way to not only reduce air pollution but to also invest in the community. If transit isn’t possible, carpool when you can!


While at the grounds, ensure that you are recycling when you can, and properly disposing of other waste in either compost or garbage bins when you're done with it.


These are just a few ideas of what you can do to try to make your Stampede experience as green as possible. Comment and share any more of your ideas on our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter pages and most importantly, have a great time at the Calgary Stampede!