Celebrate Junior Achievement in Renewable Energy!

Posted on February 4, 2017

For February, we’re celebrating the achievements of youth here at Green Calgary, and what better way to do that then talk about the Energy Revolution Fair? Last year our very first Energy Revolution Fair brought together 300 students, teachers, and parents to talk about renewable energy with fun, hands-on activities out in nature along the banks of the Bow River. You can see pictures from the event here.

This year, the Energy Revolution Fair is June 8th and will be held alongside the Mayor’s Environment Expo, meaning it will be way bigger, way better, and will make Generation Green the talk of the town!

In celebration of the students from last year, and those who will be participating this year, let’s look at a few cool new developments in renewable energy:

  • Have you heard about Tesla Solar Roof Tiles? These glass roof tiles hide solar cells underneath, and though we don’t know too much about how cheap or efficient they will be, there’s great potential to them. Read more on SkyFire Energy’s blog here.
  • We talked last week about what Bullfrog Power is working on in Starland County, but did you know that there are many Alberta communities taking the initiative to install more solar panels? Take a look at Black Diamond, Alberta, where Bullfrog Power has worked with Dusty Williams and Les Quinton, who are painting the town green, starting with their local arena!
  • Did you know that Alberta’s micro-generation limit was raised by 5x in December? What is micro-generation? It’s the production of electricity on a small-scale by renewable sources (generally wind or solar), and is a growing sector in Alberta. We knew all that wind and sun was good for more than just enjoying the outdoors! These new regulations mean that farms, universities, and other small collections of buildings, will be able to make their own electricity and even sell back what they don’t use through groups like Alberta Co-Operative Energy! We think this is a great step for Alberta and it can only be good for consumers, too!

That’s all for now, but we want you to imagine what today’s Generation Green will be like when they are the energy leaders of Alberta and the world. We can’t imagine it to be anything but bright! Look here for more information about this year's Energy Revolution Fair.