Calgary vs Heat

Posted on August 17, 2018

We hope you all survived the record-breaking heat of yesterday, but while the forecast gives us a little break, it looks like it isn't over for the heat. Indeed, the trend is for things to keep getting warmer, so we all have to learn to adapt to our new normal.

The CBC published an article this week giving a strategy for keeping your home cool with an application of science, fans, and a little jury-rigging!

We have also provided heat-beating techniques in the past, such as trying to cool yourself rather than everything around you with a cooling cloth.

Whatever way you use to try to stay cool, just remember that it's important to look out for your safety first! Conserving energy in your heat-beating techniques is good, but don't let that get in the way of being healthy!

We’d love to hear more techniques to beat the heat, stay cool, and save energy while doing it! Get in touch with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram and tell us your cool tales (pun intended)!

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