5 Ways to Green Your Personal Care Routine

Posted on October 15, 2015

Did you know many of the chemicals put into personal care products are absorbed through our skin and into our bodies? Over time, these chemicals can build up and affect our health. And if it's not good for us, can you imagine the effect these chemicals have on our waterways and eco-systems? Thankfully, there are easy ways to start using natural and healthy personal care products that are safe for us and our planet.

1. Avoid the dirty dozen There are 12 chemicals the David Suzuki Foundation suggests we avoid in cosmetic products. Write down, or print off, this list to compare to the ingredient labels you find at the store.

2. Look them Up Learn more about the personal care products you already use from the EWG Cosmetic Product Data Base. 

3. Choose natural There are many brands that are committed to using only natural ingredients. Try a local brand such as Neal’s Yard Remedies. You can also find a great selection in the personal care aisles of Amaranth MarketCommunity Natural Foods or Sunnyside Natural Market.

Hint! Think beyond lotions to products like perfume, sanitary pads, deodorants and nail polish as these can also contain toxins, which are easily avoided by choosing natural brands.

4. Make your own It’s super simple, affordable (and fun!) to make your own personal care products. We have a workshop coming up on October 22nd, where we will guide you through making your own toothpaste, deodorant and lip balm to take home and try out. Not able to make this workshop? Consider signing up for our 4-week Eco Bootcamp to learn how to make your own cleaners and personal care products and receive some free samples to try at home. We also have a natural lip balm recipe on our online Personal Care Tip Sheet. Or you can purchase our Homemade Cleaners & Personal Care Products Recipe Book from our EcoStore.

5. Keep our waterways clean If you’re looking to dispose of toxic personal care products please do so at Household Hazardous Waste drop off locations. The City of Calgary also has an online guide for what to do with leftover prescription drugs and other medications. 

We apply personal care products onto our bodies everyday. With that kind of regular use, it’s important to ensure these products are safe for ourselves and the environment, too. We hope you have fun trying new non-toxic products and making some of your own. Enjoy your new natural glow!