9 Green Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

Posted on July 18, 2016

Now that stampede’s over, kids are going to need other ways to stay occupied. Here are 5 ideas to keep the fun rolling with the Earth in mind:

1. Stay local: Sticking around #yyc keeps carbon emissions low, and kids can learn about the culture and geography of the place they call home. Check out this list of 100 fun things to do with your family this summer including luging or zip lining at COP, fishing (and releasing) at the Bow Habitat Station’s Trout Pond, and Historic Calgary Week starting July 22nd. 

2. Make green art: The weather is (usually!) nice in the summer, so take advantage of the outdoors. Children can expand their senses by interacting with natural materials like sticks, leaves and flowers. Encourage them to create outdoor art and take a picture to preserve their temporary masterpieces! Here’s some inspiration from natural artist Andy Goldsworthy.

3. Make crafts out of recyclables: Kids can also create art, or maybe even something practical, out of recyclables or unused items in the home. There are lots of ideas online including bubble blowers and plastic bottle bowling!

4. Enjoy some theatre: Did you know Calgary has a theatre for kids? Not only performances, but puppet camps and workshops too.

5. Local Day Camps: The City of Calgary has week long, or day, camp programs this summer that will get your child moving, learning and creating! If you’re setting up a summer camp yourself don’t forget you can book us for a Green Kids hands on interactive presentation!

6. Plant a Garden: consider a butterfly and honeybee garden or a herb garden and let the kids take care of it for the short summer we have. It can act as a great learning opportunity - what do ladybugs do? what are harmful pests and how can you get rid of them without using pesticides?  If you plant fast growing beans or lettuces, you can actually eat from your own garden, too!

7. Get out to Calgary's Water Parks: while running the sprinkler in your backyard is cool, you can go through a lot of water without realizing it and it's not as exciting as heading out to a local spray park. They are free and you might make a new friend or two, too!

8. Outdoor Pool: not everyone can have a pool and why would you when there are some great outdoor pools that you can go to right in Calgary? 

9. Enjoy nature: while camping isn't for everyone and may exhaust the poor parent who has to pack and plan, why not just take a day hike out in Kananaskis country? There are great hiking trails for all levels and all you need to do is pack a lunch and some snacks and a few re-usable water bottles and you're good to go. Getting out in nature and exploring the rich natural resources we're blessed with in Southern Alberta is important for kids and adults and you can get back in time to sleep in your own bed :)

Don't forget the essentials like sunblock and keep hydrated with a re-usable water bottle! Happy summertime #yyc!