4 Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Sustainable

Posted on October 1, 2020

Thanksgiving is right around the corner - As we express our gratitude to our loved ones, our mother nature will thank you for making thanksgiving greener! Here are some tips on how to make your thanksgiving more sustainable:

Going vegan? Yes please!

Did you know that an average turkey dinner emits about 10.9 kg of CO2? That equals to driving 27 miles with an average passenger car! Why not switch it up this Thanksgiving and try making savoury pumpkin pie instead? Going vegan is one of the most effective climate action you can take. Check out some vegan recipe ideas here.

Shop locally

Not quite ready to give up turkey yet? Don’t worry, there are other sustainable action you can take to make your thanksgiving dinner greener! By shopping at farmer’s market, you are directly supporting local businesses and farmers. While food transportation only accounts for 10% of overall food production emission, every little bit counts!

Compost/ repurpose / save your leftovers

Composting your organics could make a huge environmental impact - with 2.2 million tonnes of edible food going to the garbage every year in Canada, we can all do our parts in wasting less. Compost your organics in your green bin. Or better yet, save them for turkey sandwiches the day after and repurpose the turkey carcass into turkey stock! The possibilities are truly limitless.

Leave the Leaves

Tempted to rake your leaves and make your lawn looks pretty for your guests? Fallen leaves provide much needed nutrients for the soil after a scorching summer, along with creating an insulated blanket for hibernating pollinators and animals. Leave the leaves on your lawn this fall!

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