Green Calgary

About Healthy Homes

What to Expect

Once you register online a Healthy Homes Advisor will contact you to confirm the date of your first visit. This visit will take about 2 hours, and you will be emailed an outline of what to expect throughout the program.

In the First Visit we are establishing a baseline of your home. We ask that you calculate your Ecological Footprint and retrieve your current utility bills (water, gas, electricity)  so that we can review then and compare them to the average for Calgarians.

We will then discuss the following topics, going through your home room-by-room:

Energy efficiency

  • Discuss high efficiency lighting
  • Discuss phantom loads
  • Discuss insulator plates, weather stripping
  • Discuss dryers vs line or rack drying
  • Old fridges
  • Look at your furnace and hot water tank

Water conservation (indoor and outdoor water use)

  • Discuss low flow toilets and test toilets for leaks
  • Installing tap aerators, low flow shower heads
  • Discuss water use in terms of length of showers, running the clothes washer and dish washer with full loads and high efficiency equipment
  • Discuss outdoor water use including rain barrels, lawn, watering, pesticides

Waste reduction, including recycling and composting

  • Discuss waste produced and recycling options
  • Composting

Chemical use

  • Discuss cleaning products
  • Discuss ingredients and labels
  • Provide you with natural cleaning alternative products
  • Discuss air fresheners and anti-bacterial soaps
  • Vacuum types
  • Furnace filter types
  • Personal care products

By the end of the process a list of Recommendations are compiled and are prioritized based on their impact and the needs of the participant, and supported with a wide-range of practical tips and resources to support the recommended changes.

Your Second Visit will be booked for about 2-3 months after your first. This visit will take 1-1½ hours. Again, you will be emailed a confirmation as well as some videos to watch prior to our second visit.

2nd Visit Videos

  • The Story of Food
  • What’s Wrong with the Way We Eat
  • The Story of Stuff

In this visit, we will start by discussing your First Visit package and see what changes you’ve made and discuss any challenges you faced. Then we will move on to generate discussion around some of the underlying issues facing humanity today, including sustainable food choices and consumer lifestyles.

We hope that you will thoroughly enjoy this experience and embrace the journey you are about to take. If you have any questions about the Healthy Home visit process, please feel free to contact us directly.

What We Expect

We expect that you are open to the discussions that will take place. That you engage us with questions and areas of interest. We expect that you will do your best to make some of the changes discussed or contact us with questions if you’re unsure of any of the recommendations. We expect that you complete the entire Home Visit process, specifically scheduling the second visit. The 2nd visit is very important for us to complete our data collection, to identify the changes that took place from the baseline to the second visit. This data is a requirement for our funding.

We expect that you have fun and get excited and motivated by our conversations. Perhaps you will refer our services to your friends, neighbours, family and coworkers. We would also love to see you participate in our Sustainability Series.

Value of the Service

The value of the Healthy Homes Program, which includes two visits, a prioritized list of recommended changes and a number of products and tools to get you started, is valued at almost $800, with utility savings totaling more than $200 per year on average. The program is supported by corporate sponsors and government grants, but this does not cover the entire cost of the program. In order to be financially sustainable we charge based on a sliding scale for corporate and individuals, to allow us to continue delivering this remarkable program while making it accessible to all Calgarians.

The Healthy Homes program is proud to offer the home visits FREE of charge to Calgarians*. We strongly believe in both the short and long term value of this program – from the almost instant savings on your water and energy bills to the long term benefits to your health and the environment. We also want to help remove any barriers to change – of which cost is sometimes a factor. Therefore through sponsorship, grants and product donations we are able to offer this program free of charge. Donations are optional but always welcome, and will go directly to supporting the delivery of the Healthy Homes program.

*We are able to deliver home visits for a fee of $100 if you are living outside the Calgary city limits.

Green Employee: Get your company to “Sponsor an Employee” for a home visit

Companies are often looking for ways to engage the community or provide volunteer opportunities to their employees, by offering a home visit this can further engage employees in their sustainable efforts.  Home visits are a great “thank you” to green team members, as prizes for fun eco-challenges and they’re an excellent way to demonstrate how your company’s corporate values align with your employees’ interests and well being.