Recycling Worx Solutions

Site 13, Box 5, RR #7
Calgary, AB, T2P 2G7

Legend:    Recyclable    Landfill
Beverage Containers
Paper & Cardboard
Tin Cans / Foil
Glass Jars / Bottles
Other Required Material: Scrap Metal, Clean Wood

About Recycling Worx Solutions

Recycling Worx was dedicated to repairing Calgary and the surrounding communities following the June flooding. They had operations running 24 hours / day in order to aid Albertans as much as possible. No matter what comes next Recycling Worx will be there to take care of your recycling needs.

Why Choose Recycling Worx?

Recycling Worx assures that every possible piece of construction waste will be recycled. They recycle and re-use a number of materials including woods, carboard, plastics, paper, metals and asphault shingles.