P.E.L. Recycling

Verified Green Calgary Hauler

2530c, Alyth Road S.E.
Calgary AB, T2G 4Y6


Legend:    Recyclable    Landfill
Beverage Containers
Paper & Cardboard
Tin Cans / Foil
Glass Jars / Bottles
Other Required Material: Scrap Metal

About P.E.L. Recycling

P.E.L. Recycling was the first company to collect compost from businesses in 2005.  

When they first started working with Calgary businesses, some were hesitant to expand their recycling program beyond the old standbys of paper and beverage containers. Companies today understand that proper waste management is critical to the bottom line as well as the planet.  Many have ambitions to reach zero waste and P.E.L. Recycling is eager to help them reach these goals.  

Most recently, P.E.L. Recycling has been working on expanding their offerings to include taking Styrofoam – the only company in Calgary to do so!