Little Big Recycling

Verified Green Calgary Hauler

243 Queen Tamara Pl SE 
Calgary, AB, T2J 4G2

Legend:    Recyclable    Landfill
Beverage Containers
Paper & Cardboard
Tin Cans / Foil
Glass Jars / Bottles
Other Required Material: Scrap Metal

About Little Big Recycling

Little Big Recycling is a locally owned Calgary based business that has been serving the recycling needs of Calgarians for over 5 years.  LBR provides service for residential multi-family complexes as well as multiple commercial operations.  They specialize in co-mingled recycling programs and offer customizable service depending on need.  LBR has the leading edge ability to invest in technology and infrastructure that allows them to quickly adapt to varying needs.

LBR is able to provide low cost solutions without sacrificing quality service, and guarantee the highest quality of service always.