Harvest Recycling

#100, 111-5th Avenue SW Suite 273
Calgary, AB, T2G 2C4

Legend:    Recyclable    Landfill
Beverage Containers
Paper & Cardboard
Tin Cans / Foil
Glass Jars / Bottles
Other Required Material:

About Harvest Recycling

Harvest Recycling provides a flexible recycling service that picks up where municipal recycling often doesn’t reach. In 2012 they proudly accepted the Green Company award.

Harvest Recycling is based in Calgary and was founded in 2010 with a mission to reduce the amount of materials going to Calgary landfills. Recycling not only saves energy, it’s environmentally friendly too. What people don’t often realize is that 16% of the money spent on a product goes towards the packaging, which usually just ends up in landfill; ultimately you’re paying extra money for rubbish. With Harvest Recycling, you can make every dollar you spend count.