BluPlanet Recycling

Verified Green Calgary Hauler

Bay G, 3513 78 Ave SE
Calgary, AB, T2C 1J7

Legend:    Recyclable    Landfill
Beverage Containers
Paper & Cardboard
Tin Cans / Foil
Glass Jars / Bottles
Other Required Material: Scrap Metal

About BluPlanet Recycling

BluPlanet Recycling is an award winning local service provider that has quickly established itself in the multi-family and commercial markets as the premiere recycling service company in Calgary. They achieved this distinction by focusing on customer service and by developing extremely customizable recycling systems to suit any space or need. 

Investing in a BluPlanet recycling program gives your building or business peace of mind knowing that you are getting the highest level of service and widest array of recycling options.