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Our rain barrels are re-purposed food containers that are diverted from the land fill - and are low maintenance, easy to use, and very affordable.

Triple Outlet Barrel: $90 ($85.71+GST). Our most popular style.  Link as many together as you want with a hose kit! Each barrel will hold a maximum of 45 gallons (208L) and comes in blue or white, with a brass spigot, a 4” screened opening on the top and 2-1.25” side openings with plug/adaptor fittings. Instructions to install this barrel.

Hose Kit (for use with Triple Outlet Barrels): $12.50 +GST. For use with our popular triple outlet barrel.  Comes with 24’ of 1.25" hose, hose clamp, and adaptor.

Flex Elbow (for use with Triple Outlet Barrels):  $6.00 +GST. For use with our triple outlet rain barrel. It extends and twists to get your downspouts to where they need to be!

Single Outlet Rain Barrel: $90 ($85.71+GST). Designed for use with our diverter kit. Each barrel will hold a maximum of 45 gallons (208L) and comes in blue or white with a brass spigot. Instructions to install this barrel.

Oatey Mystic Diverter Kit (use w/ Single Outlet Barrels): $20.00 +GST.  For use with our single outlet barrel. Fits  a standard 2” x 3” rectangular downspout.  Comes with 4’ high flow hose that fits snugly into the top of our single outlet rain barrel.

Rain Barrel Stands: $50 +GST. An easy to assemble (no screws required) wooden stand to elevate and provide a sturdy base for your rain barrel.  Made from re-claimed wood by a local manufacturer.


Triple Outlet Barrel & Hose Kit & Flex Elbow: $100 ($95.24 +GST).

Single Outlet Barrel & Diverter Kit: $100 ($95.24 +GST).

All of our rain barrels come with a brass tap and the appropriate plastic fittings. However, we do sell extra parts if you lose them from season to season, too!

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If you're not sure about the product you are considering purchasing, please take your time in making your decision. We support conscious consumerism and never want you to feel pressured to buy a product you may not use or want. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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