Spot Audits

What is a Spot Audit? A powerful tool for fostering tenant engagement, a spot audit is a visual display of 24 hours of trash displayed in clear bags in a lobby or other public area for a 4 hour period (usually between 10 am - 2 pm). Tenants and visitors see not only how much waste they produce in a single day as well as what the waste is comprised of. By demonstrating a visual example of the paper, plastic or other recyclable items being put in the trash, it prompts the question: what's keeping tenants from recycling these materials? We gather this feedback and engage with tenants to talk about current recycling programs offered in their building to better assess barriers to successful onsite recycling programs.

How Does It Work? Partnering with the custodial staff, Green Calgary will publicly display 24 hours of worth of waste in clear bags in a location of your choice. We typically set-up the display in a high traffic area  such as a lobby in order to reach the maximum number of people.  We also gather building specific waste/recycling statistics such as diversion rates from property managers and facility staff prior to the spot audit. After the audit, a one-page summary outlining the number of people engaged and feedback is shared with property managers and can help support other training and engagement activities to achieve better waste diversion rates.

Green Calgary can perform a Spot Audit for your business for just $700 (members and current clients are eligible for a discounted rate). Contact us to learn more or to book.