Save the Date!

6 June 2019

For our 4th annual

Energy Revolution Fair

Presented by ENMAX

A one-day pop-up learning extravaganza

Downtown at Municipal Plaza

Held in conjunction with the Mayor's

Environment Expo

We bring together students in grades 5-12 with leading experts in renewable energy to learn about Alberta's energy future.

The fair features:

Hands-on Exhibits

Interactive Activities

Renewable Energy Experts

Live Music

Our Student Team Competition is open!

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Some highlights from last year's ERF:



Last year’s exhibitors were:

SAIT: Solar Roller

A fully functional mobile solar energy trailer. It features a battery-based solar charging system, a computer monitoring station, and lab capabilities for experiential learning.

Energy for All: A Renewable Energy MAKERSPACE

Students will be met with a series of stations consisting of electrical circuitry components for solving a unique problem. The innovative problem solving required at the station will reflect the work that Energy For All conducts overseas. Check out their great work here: Student will also have the opportunity to explore a water pumping station manipulated via Raspberry Pi.

Sponsor Energy: the SOLO

Come and check out the prototype for the SOLO vehicle manufactured by Canadian-based Electra Meccanica. It’s the cutest fully electric, single passenger vehicle you’ve ever seen. Imagine never having to buy gas or get an oil change again!

ENMAX with Inside Education

Learn more about Alberta’s energy mix. How is our electricity produced today? How will we move away from coal and toward renewable sources like solar and wind?

Arusha and Open Streets Events: Powering Our World

Students can hop on the Fender Blender – a pedal-powered electricity generator, to power speakers, charge a phone, and other devices. All while learning about how to conserve energy, the amount of electricity different household tasks consume, and more!

Relay Education

Relay Education is a national charity that brings energy to life through hands-on workshops in renewable energy. Relay will be on-site with an exhibit all about Biogas. Find out how organic waste can be used as a reliable form of renewable energy!

Gasonic Group Ltd - Tesla S electric sedan

Check out the latest electric vehicle that can be driven from Calgary to Miami without any fuel costs. Talk to Kae Shummoogum CEO of Gasonic Group about environmentally friendly vehicle. He has driven hybrid electric or full electric vehicles for 20 years.

Learn how many solar panels are needed in Calgary to power this vehicle for a year. How energy can be generated to ‘drive’ to Mars.

EDP Renewables Canada

Wind power is one of the most affordable and fastest growing sources of electricity available today. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about the wind energy from the fourth largest owner and operator of wind farms in the world. How does a wind turbine produce electricity? What goes into building a wind farm? What trends are we seeing in the wind industry? What is it like to work on a wind farm?

Student Teams

Check out innovative renewable energy projects brought to the Fair by students vying for top prize. Listen to them present their projects to a panel of judges and cheer for your favourite team!

Green Calgary ERF Activities

Collect clues around the plaza when playing our Climate Change Scavenger Hunt, become a carbon atom bouncing around the planet in Carbon Cycle Chaos, and stop by Environmental Jeopardy to test your eco trivia knowledge.

Thanks to our exhibitors!

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Energy Revolution Fair - June 6, 2019

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