Eco Boot Camp

Join us for this 4-week course and become the "greenie" you've always wanted to be! Course topics include:

  • energy efficiency & conservation
  • water conservation
  • waste reduction
  • food sustainability
  • non toxic cleaning and personal care

You'll get a workbook that includes helpful tips, checklists to help you incorporate practical green solutions, great green products to try, and a handy way to keep track of the practical actions you can implement immediately in your home.  

The Eco Boot Camp program costs $75 (incl. GST), includes over $50 of take home green products, materials and workbook and is limited to a maximum of 12 people/course. And thanks to funding from an Eco Action Grant, we can offer a $25 rebate off the full cost of the course when participants complete their 1 month follow up survey.

Spend 4 nights with us learning, sharing, and discussing living a greener lifestyle in Calgary and the impact you can have by changing just a few habits everyday! Click on the YELLOW box below for a PDF with more details. 

The next Eco Bootcamp dates coming soon. Contact us for more information.