Powering Our World

...offers students a hands on and experiential exploration of how electricity is generated and supplied. Students will gain insight into the technology, production, consumption, conservation, and impacts of electricity systems.

Students will have an opportunity to pedal a FenderGenerator while learning how to answer the questions: How is electrical energy unique? What are the sources of electricity? How is energy converted? What are the best ways to conserve electricity? How does electricity production affect climate change?  What renewable energy options exist?

Students will use a wattage meter to compare items that consume electricity, explore solar panel and hand-crank technology, and learn about other sources of energy. 

Climate Action Challenge and EcoPledge:

As part of this program, students will be challenged to exchange incandescent lights for LED lights at home, and to undertake climate leadership projects in their school or communities.  Classrooms will compete against each other annually, and the winning group will be invited to attend the Energy Revolution Fair in conjunction with the Mayor’s Environment Expo in June to showcase their project. Groups are scored by:

1. Percentage of participation in the lightbulb swap (50% weight)

2.Additional light swaps (25% weight)

3. Socially innovative projects (25% weight) surrounding energy conservation that will impact their school and homes.   

Students will also commit to individual EcoPledges.  The winning school receives a cool classroom solar panel.

Please note:

  • Powering Our World is one hour in length.
  • Powering Our World costs $200.00 +GST.
  • Please no more than 30 students per session.
  • One LED light per student will be provided. Students will post their light bulb exchanges on the Generation Green Energy Revolution Blog. 

The following is required for the program:

  • Six foot square area in classroom to set up FenderGenerator
  • 3 tables for investigative activity
  • Access to smartboard/projector

This program is delivered in partnership with Arusha Centre's Open Streets Events. To learn more and book this program, please contact our Generation Green Coordinator today!