Powering Our World

...offers students an hands on exploration of how electricity is generated. Electricity may be largely invisible but this activity provides experiential learning by pedaling a FenderGenerator, a stationary bike suitable for youth and adults. Electricity is generated and supplied to various types of lights, music and more, giving students an insight into the technology, production, consumption conservation, and impacts of electricity systems. Using a wattage meter allows students to compare items that consume electricity and see how much energy they must generate to power the electronics in their classroom. 

Students learn how to answer the questions; How is electrical energy unique? What are the sources of electricity? How much physical exertion is needed to provide electricity for a cell phone as compared to hairdryer? What are the best ways to conserve electricity? How does electricity production affect climate change?

As part of this program, students will be challenged to undertake climate leadership projects by setting energy conservation goals that impact their school and homes.

Please note:

  • Powering Our World is one hour in length.
  • Please no more than 30 students per session
  • Powering Our World is valued at $400+gst*

* Since this is a pilot program, we have received funding to subsidize this offering to teachers for up to $200.  However, in order to receive the subsidy, some conditions apply (specifically relating to follow up actions from student teams & classrooms following the program).  This program is delivered in partnership with Arusha Centre's Open Streets program.

The following is required for the program:
Six foot square area in classroom to set up equipment
5 groups of desks or tables for investigative activity
Access to smartboard/projector

To learn more, please contact our Generation Green Coordinator today!

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