Fri Feb 09, 2018, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Green Goals Webinar

All through your life, people have encouraged you to set goals for the important things in life – your school, your job, your family life, and your money. And science has proven that having a goal, rather than an idea of something you’d like, makes you much more likely to be successful. Statistics also show that you are likely passionate about more than just school, jobs, money, and family – so why stop there. In this session, we explore a number of environmental themes – taking a look at what the human impacts are and what we can do to limit and even reverse our impact. You will leave with new information, and new inspiration, to set your 2018 Green Goals.

Join this popular Green Talk at Green Calgary online! Free to access, though donations  are encouraged.

There is no limit to online registrations. The webinar will work on any computer or mobile device, and will be broadcast on the Join.Me platform.

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There is also an in-person workshop of this same content available February 7th at 6pm. More details HERE.