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Looking to embark on your green journey? There's no better way than to learn to make products at home. It's fun, safe, and helps both the environment and your wallet. Our recipe book comes packed with over 50 recipes for homemade natural cleaning and personal car products, as well as tips on how to ensure your ingredients are safe and natural. You can buy yours today in store or online. Buy one now!


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Having a party? Need disposable plates but want to save the landfill from all those paper plates and plastic utensils? These compostable dinnerware sets come with 10 place settings of plates made from coconut fibres, and forks, knives, and spoons made from soft wood. Can be rinsed off and reused with light use, and can go in your backyard composter or green bin when you're done! Get your set today online or in our store!

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Need a straw for your smoothies or shakes? Just like having them for cold drinks? Get our beautiful straw packs and be done with single-use plastic straws forever! Choose from stainless steal, compostable plastic, or paper straws (shown above). Online straw packs also come with straw cleaning brushes, or buy any variety in store! Buy now!