Winter Composting Tips

Posted on October 1, 2016

While microbial activity slows down under typical Calgary winter conditions, your compost pile is still alive. Cold weather will slow the decomposition process, but your pile can maintain an essential core of heat. Here are a few tips to keep things going:
•    Continue to maintain an equal balance of greens (kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, etc.) & browns (shredded newspapers, coffee filters, dried leaves or grass, etc.)
•    Chop both greens & browns before adding them to the pile. The smaller particles form a protective cover that shields the core from outside temperature extremes.
•    Chinook winds & low humidity can dry your compost pile & make it a home for unwanted critters. When it's above freezing, water the pile but don’t soak it.
•    Consider insulating your composter by piling up snow or leaves around it or covering with a tarp. Just remember to remove any insulation to hasten melting in the spring.

For more info on composting, check out our online guides to keep your pile healthy & active. Or sign up for one of our composting workshops. Check our events calendar on our home page for upcoming learning opportunities.