Green Your Halloween

Posted on October 26, 2016

We love Halloween! Mostly because it’s so easy to be green. You don’t have to buy in to lots of plastic decorations or expensive costumes. Save money and the planet with these 6 ghoulishly green Halloween tips:  

1. Use natural things to decorate: Make a spooky scene with branches, leaves and pumpkins!

2. Get creative: Make your own unique decorations by hanging strings or cloths, putting strange things into jars, or making crafts out of scrap paper. Is there anything in your house that looks a bit creepy? That houseplant you forgot to water? Bring it out! Google homemade Halloween decorations and costumes to find lots of inspirational ideas.

3. Green your party: If you’re having a party use re-usable cutlery, compost your food scraps and provide transit directions or carpool suggestions to your guests.

4. Reuse or Borrow your Costume: Skip buying your costume this year by getting friends together to do a costume swap. You could also check out a reuse store like Value Village, a consignment shop or Kijiji. You’ll probably find something even scarier than at a costume store (except for the price!).

5. Get there green: Walk, bike, take transit or carpool to your fave trick-or-treating spot! You may also wish to see if your local community association is putting on a Halloween celebration that you can just walk to!

6. Use a fabric bag: Avoid purchasing a plastic bag for your trick or treating. Pillow cases are a great reusable and creative alternative (plus they hold more candy!).

Halloween is a holiday that lends itself to being green! Don’t forget, when you’re cleaning up, The City of Calgary has Leaf and Pumpkin Composting Drop off locations until November 6th.