Day 6 of Enviro Week: Planting for the Climate

Posted on June 10, 2016

Your next challenge for day 6 of Environment week is all about climate change. Climate change may be the biggest environmental problem we face. We all need to do our part to reduce emissions by living low carbon lifestyles. Driving less, conserving energy and supporting sustainable companies are all steps we can take towards a green future. However, did you know you can contribute to sucking carbon out of our atmosphere too?

One tree will capture 1 tonne of CO2 in it’s lifetime!  That’s why we’re challenging you to plant at least one this summer. You can get a carbon capturing tree from a garden center that sells trees, such as Bluegrass Nursery & Garden Centre. They have both young and more mature trees that are native to our region.

Trees also clean our local air, mitigate flood impacts, cool pavement and beautify neighbourhoods. You can do it #yyc!