Day 5 of Enviro Week: The Problem with Plastic

Posted on June 9, 2016

It’s Day 5 of Environment week, and that means another challenge! Did you know this week also lands on Rivers to Oceans week? The theme this year is plastic reduction. Plastic has even been found just about everywhere in waterways, including the Arctic Ocean and the bellies of many fish and marine mammals. So today we’re challenging you to use less plastic! Here are 3 quick swaps:

1) Ditch the plastic bags for good by getting a stash of fabric shopping bags. Keep one in your car, bag, at the door and anywhere else you might need some carrying help.

2) Instead of throwaway containers and plastic wrap, opt for reusable jars and glass containers.

3) Purchase re-usable bottles for your family that can be filled again and again instead of one-time use bottled water.

Want to know your plastic footprint? Check out this handy online tool.