Day 3 of Enviro Week: Ocean Importance

Posted on June 7, 2016

It’s Environment week, and we have an eco challenge for you each day. Did you know that the health of our oceans is extremely important to keep our planet healthy? In fact, the tiny plants in oceans generate at least 50% of our oxygen!

Tomorrow is World Oceans Day and it was created to bring attention to how awesome oceans are and protect them. You might not think there’s much we can do here in landlocked Calgary, but watersheds and waterways are all connected to an ocean somehow. In Alberta, rivers and streams flow north to the Arctic Ocean, south to the Gulf of Mexico or west to the Pacific Ocean.

So we’re challenging you today to thank the oceans for all they do for us and help protect them. Our oceans are suffering from over fishing, plastic overload, acidification, dead zones and other problems.

Check out these 11 solutions you can take to help protect the oceans. The best ones we can do here in land are reduce our carbon footprints, make sustainable seafood choices and use fewer plastic products.